Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome Home Elder Rimmasch

 The babies (Elsie and Quentin) made the welcome home posters for Uncle Todd. They were both so excited to go to the airport to pick him up.
The airport was so much fun, balloons and riding on Todd's suit case what could beat that?

 We love our Toddy guy. New York will miss him!
Uncle Todd getting to know the newest baby, Little Max took an instant liking to Uncle Todd.

Elsie and Quentin all dressed up for Uncle Todd's talk.

My handsome guys all ready for Todd's homecoming talk.

The babies really missed their Uncle Todd and are so excited to have him home.

Uncle Todd making Maxie Moo laugh.

Maxwell is such a cuddle bum! and just loves his Uncle TODD.
We are all so proud of Todd, all the hard work he did out in New York and for coming home to us. We are excited for all the fun times to come! A job well done Elder Rimmasch!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome to Fall

Every fall we head up a canyon to take some fall pictures. This year we went up Payson Canyon. The kids did great on the long drive and had fun walking around the upper Payson lake.
Elsie was really into taking pictures of us.

My little cuties.

Elsie loves to pose for the camera.

Me and my babies.

Another of Elsie's

Max is freaking out, he was so over taking pictures. But my Elsie looks beautiful.

Upper Payson Lake.

Yes that is one of those telephones she's pulling behind her. It's her "baby" and she insisted that we take it with us.

Well happy fall to everyone. Halloween in a week hope to see all your Halloween costumes :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our House

Our house, it was a long time in the process of becoming ours. It was a lot of work but it is beautiful now and we love it.
The family room was the biggest project, who puts a wetbar in a family room that is right next to the kitchen? Silly huh!                                    Family room before...
                                                    Family room after

 Kitchen after, I didn't get a before picture so just imagine it not green.
Stairs up to bedrooms and down to family room before...
Stairs up to bedrooms and down to family room after.
Upstairs hallway before...
Upstairs hallway after. 
Elsie's room before...
Elsie's room after. 
Max's room before...
Max's room after. 
Master bedroom before...
Master bedroom after. (that's Max on the bed)

 It was along process put it all turned out great. I really enjoyed painting.
We had a lot of help along the way. There is NO way we could have done it without my dad, the most handy man you'll ever meet. He can fix ANYTHING! 
 Many meals were had on the floor inbetween painting. Our kids were so great through it all, we started working on the house only a week after Max was born. 
Shawn cutting in the kitchen, we loved painting. 
Elsie helping take out the carpet staples She is always willing to help, she doesn't even have to be asked. She found this tool and just started doing it.  
Max couldn't pass up the chance to help too. The front carrier was a life saver when I wasn't painting with him on my lap.

Maxwell Rimmasch Magleby

Well now that things have calmed down a bit here I thought I should post my birth story.
2 Days before Max is born                        About 30 minute after Max is born.
So it's Wednesday night August 3, Shawn takes off work work around 1am. I had had many nights of contractons and then nothing so when my water broke at 3:09am I knew he was on his way but no contractions. I called Shawn up and asked him if he could come home cause my water broke, he asked if I was sure I told him YES!!! Any of you ladies out there that have had a baby you KNOW when your water breaks. So he rushed home as I moved the bags to the front door and wondered around wondering if there was anything else we would need for the hospital stay, mind you I wasn't having any contractions at this time. Finally around 3:30am when Shawn got home I started having them, one then two then into the car for the hospital. This was my second baby so I totally had things under control, I wanted a natural delivery just like the last time. I walked through the contractions and I even walked into the hospital and to labor and delivery, checking in around 4:00am. They got me into the first room where I changed, I didn't want to be on the bed so I walked around , the contractions were SOOO intense I wasn't sure I could handle it. Shawn talked me through them as I walked around the room telling him "I can't do this Shawn I can't do this" crying a bit because I honestly didn't think I could do it. Things weren't happening like the last time and that freaked me out a bit. The nurse that checked me in wanted to know if I wanted drugs, I told her no then with Shawn holding me up I felt the need to push so I told the midwife and she put me on the bed to check me out, "She's  a 9, tell them we're coming" next thing I know they're rushing me down the hall to delivery. Oh I should mention this was at like 4:14am and little Max joined our family at 4:28am, August 3, 2011 weighing in at 8 lbs 5 oz and 20.5 inches long. Shawn was able to cut the cord (unlike with Elsie where the Dr. did it) I got to hold Max right away and thanked him for coming so fast. I was up walking to the bathroom minutes after he was born. Other then a bit of discomfort I didn't feel like I had just had a baby only hours after he was born. Natural childbirth is the way to go people seriously! Max was awesome too, he was eating before I went to recovery, he was so alert and interested in everything going on around him, just PERFECT.

Max is so beautiful and full of love. Elsie is thrilled to be a big sister and wants EVERYONE to know that that is her little brother. She loves to hold him and read to him, and is so helpful. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful little famliy!

Elsie the big sister.                                               Just before heading home.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Been a while

Well let's see a lot has happend since my last post.
Shawn and I are both in school, just working hard to get things done. We have moved into my parents house while we are on the hunt for a house. Wish us luck!
Quentin and Natalie are also living with my parents so it's a full house. But the little ones love hanging out together and do pretty much everything the other one does.

Elsie loved going into the garden this summer and picking the tomatoes and strawberries, they taste the best freshly picked and when she would have too many to eat, she would share with me. Thoughtful little girl.

She is a funny girl always in a pose.

If the kids are missing this is where we would find them, reading eachothers books and hanging out. They love books and I love that!

Elsie is such a happy baby and such a joy to be around.

She has also be come quit the basketball player.

She loves to be like Quen, he started this and she does it all the time.

Elsie had a pretty good fall while walking on the sidewalk, poor little face.

She loves dogs, especially ones that will let her ly on them like Ali and maggie pretty sure they don't have much of a choice, Ali is too old to move and maggie has grown up with babies.

Fall time up Millcreek Canyon. Elsie loved exploring.

Our cute little family. Tradition

Elsie thought it was the coolest thing to drop leaves into the stream below.

Starting her out young with the longboarding, She wont stand on it yet but she'll soon be doing the "U" run with me :)

The cold weather came for a visit and we were ready. Elsie loves hats and thought that the gloves were the coolest thing, "socks" on her hands.

Pumpkin carving was so much fun this year. Elsie jumped right in and cleaned out her pumpkin, she tried to eat the seeds, yuck!

Elsie even helped my carve out the face on her pumpkin, she was so interested in it and loves pumpkins.

The crew. After carving pumpkins since we didn't make it to Uncle Andrews this year.

Trunk or Treat at the Loosle's ward. The babies loved dressing up and had so much fun. Elsie is the cutest monkey ever and i don't think you'll find a cuter cowboy.

Elsie just wanted to eat the candy as she collected it, finally get the idea what we are just getting more and more and then we'll eat it. Her favorite was the reeses peanut butter cups.

The donuts were very yummy Elsie didn't want to eat the little pieces that i broke off she wanted the whole thing.

Trunk or Treat at our ward, Elsie just wanted to color the whole night. The weather wasn't very nice so we did the Truck or Treat inside.

Nat and Quen

Woo and Jake

My mom and dad

Candace Elsie and Shawn